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A list of related sites

Wild Asia caves

WildAsia is one of the best sites covering the wild side of the Asian area. This caves page gives detailed information on some caves within Malaysia.

cave fauna

General article on cave fauna of Malaysia that I wrote for the Star.

Mulu Caves project

The Mulu Caves Project covering the history to the future of caving in Mulu.

Mulu National Park

The official homepage of the Gunung Mulu National Park

Gua Tempurung

Gua Tempurung, Perak is a show cave

Six Mile Tunnel, Perak

Pictorial display of a trip through Six Mile Tunnel, Perak

Archaeology in southeast Asia

This site has been set up as a blog and covers archaeology in southeast Asia. There are several articles and references to caves.

Malaysia Traveller

An experienced traveller's personal Malaysia travel guide to walking trails, mountains, national parks, beaches, islands, heritage, kids attractions and more.

Caves of Myanmar (Burma)

Few caving expeditions have been to Myanmar. I have started this site as an accumulation of data on caves in Myanmar.

Caves of Cambodia

An introductory page I have started on caves in Cambodia.

Animal-Rich Limestone Towers Face Rocky Future in Asia

National Geographic News article describing how spectacular limestone karsts in Southeast Asia which are havens for many unique and endangered species are being destroyed by quarrying and other human activities.

Laos Caves Project

European cavers have been exploring caves in northern Laos annually since 2002. You can access the various trips by clicking on 'expeditions' once you have opened the site.

Cave Biology - Biospeleology

This biospeleology page has its home in India, but covers cave biology from all over the world. It includes information on recent research, has a page of coming events and also a discussion page.


Indonesian cave fauna

An interesting site with some great photos of Indonesian cave fauna

Dave Clucas

This web site, which documents some of Dave Clucas's involvement in caving, is intended to provide viewers with an insight into the sport of caving. There is also a page on Mulu 2009 and Mulu 2007 expedition.

Dave Clucas mycaves

Caving all under the world, with emphasis on caves of East Malaysia

Caves of Thailand

This sites give lots of information on caves of Thailand, including longest and deepest, a bibliograpy, and various expedition results.

Molluscs - snails

An interesting article in The Star on snails on limestone areas in Malaysia.

Vietnam statistics

Statistics of Vietnam caves compiled from Belgian expeditions

Vietnam caves

A comprehensive site on the caves of Vietnam.

Gua Cinta Manis

Caving with spirit hunters in Gua Cinta Manis, Pahang

Sumatra 2000

I joined a French caving expedition to Lintau Buo in West Sumatra, Indonesia.

Speleotourism in Malaysia

An article I wrote on speleotourism for the Speleological Tourism Section of the Brazilian Speleological Society

White Nose Syndrome Alert ---- millions of bat deaths

This site specialises in nature documentaries, especially of bats and caves. The latest one is "The Battle for Bats: White Nose Syndrome" which is a disease affecting thousands or even millions of bats in the USA.


The British Cave Research Association. Its object is to promote the study of caves and associated phenomena.

Last updated 23 July 2011